Being Pied Piper: Beltline residents battle rodents

Posted by October 11, 2016
A rat. Source: Wikimedia commons

A rat. Source: Wikimedia commons

By Anna Jones, contributor 

An onslaught of construction work has brought forth complaints about traffic and early morning work hours in the Atlanta Beltline neighborhoods. However, there is a singular prevalent problem that is seemingly rearing its ugly head more often than traffic jams: rodents.

Residents in neighborhoods like Edgewood, East Atlanta Village (EAV), Candler Park, Lake Claire, and Kirkwood have reportedly had rat, mice, and squirrel infestations. Homeowners in these areas have frequently cited the correlation between new homes and businesses being built in these areas, and have claimed that despite their best efforts at cleanliness, their homes have been inundated with pests.

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