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Oakhurst woman sprays flasher with garden hose

Crime and public safety Decatur

Oakhurst woman sprays flasher with garden hose

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

This story has been updated.

A man who flashed an Oakhurst woman standing in her yard was doused with the woman’s garden hose before speeding away.

Nancy Eilen told Decaturish the incident happened on Tuesday morning, Oct. 18, as she was watering the plants in front of her home on Feld Avenue.

When the man drove up, he wasn’t wearing a shirt, Eilen said. He started calling to her, and she came closer but remained on the sidewalk. The man was asking for directions, she said. During the conversation, he leaned his seat back.

“He had ‘it’ out and was ‘handling’ it,” Eilen said in an email that was distributed to the Oakhurst community. “Unfortunately for him I was watering the plants, so I sprayed him. He sped off.”

Eilen was nonchalant about the encounter when speaking to a reporter.

“I was not as shocked and appalled as he thought I’d be,” she said. “I’m 55. I’ve seen a lot.”

She reported the encounter to police and filed a formal police report on Oct. 19. She said the suspect is a light-skinned, clean-shaven black male, with short, dark brown hair, wearing dark gym shorts with a white trim, about 20 years old with a slight build. He was driving a light silver, older model sedan and sped down Leyden Street toward Mead Road.

“He’s just lucky I wasn’t pruning,” Eilen added.