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(SPONSORED) – The Best Ways to Maintain Knee Health As A Runner

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(SPONSORED) – The Best Ways to Maintain Knee Health As A Runner



If you are a runner, you understand that running is more than just exercise. It keeps you sane. It makes you a better parent, spouse and friend. It’s your time to think or just zone out and put in the miles. Everything is great until one day, your knee starts to bother you towards the end of your run. Each run after that it gets a little worse until finally it hurts so bad that you have to stop running. This is a runner’s nightmare, especially on a beautiful fall day like today.

What if this scenario could be avoided with a few minutes of self-care drills per day? We help people come back from and avoid injuries like this everyday. In all honesty, it’s not about what we do but what we teach you to do on your own.

“You perform preventative maintenance on your car and you should do the same thing for your body. You can switch a car out whenever you want but you only get one body.” Dr. Danny Matta DPT

This is a concept that shapes the way we work with people. We believe that if you spend a little bit of time on yourself everyday, you’ll avoid many of the injuries that occur in life and in our athletic endeavors.

For runners and triathletes, the knee is an area that is often injured. More often than not, it’s not the knee that’s the problem. It’s usually joints or muscles above and below the knee that are the culprit. Here are 4 of our favorite self care drills to work on to ease pain and maintain healthy knees.

Equipment needed: Lacrosse ball, baseball or similar hard ball.

Dosage: Once a day. 2 minutes per drill per side.

  1. Calf self release

  1. Quad self release

  1. Hip self release

  1. Banded bird dog

Enjoy your new running self maintenance techniques. For more videos like these head to the Athletes’ Potential Youtube Channel.

If you’ve been struggling with an injury and can’t seem to get it to resolve, we can help. We help people just like you everyday. We would love to help you get to what you love to do, pain free and without having to have surgery.

Head to www.athletespotential.com for more information or give us a call at 470-355-2106.