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Accusations of cocaine theft lead to shooting in Kirkwood

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Accusations of cocaine theft lead to shooting in Kirkwood

An Atlanta Police vehicle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

An Atlanta Police vehicle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Atlanta Police said that a dispute between two acquaintances about an alleged theft of cocaine led to a shooting in Kirkwood over the weekend.

The incident occurred on Saturday, Dec. 3 on Mellrich Avenue.

A police officer responded to the call just before 3 a.m. A man, identified as Torrance Holyfield by police, allegedly went up to to the officer with his hands raised saying, “I’m the one who shot him!”

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The officer asked about the location of the gun and Holyfield allegedly indicated it was in a book bag on the ground. The officer then spoke to the victim who was on the ground in the driveway of his home. The victim had been shot three times, once in the back, once in his leg and once in his foot. The officer placed Holyfield in handcuffs and put him in the back of his patrol car.

The officer said it looked as if the shooting had occurred in two different locations: down the street and in the victim’s front yard. The victim allegedly told police that he saw Holyfield at a bar earlier in the evening and they spoke to each other. The report says the two men are associates. He had a friend drive him home and he noticed a man sitting on the front porch. The victim had his friend drop him off down the street from his house. He said Holyfield had been sitting on his porch and walked into the street to confront him.

According to the report, Holyfield accused the victim of stealing cocaine from him and demanded money or the drugs. The victim said he didn’t steal anything and didn’t have money. Holyfield allegedly pulled out his gun and demanded money. The victim said he pulled out his I.D. but had nothing else in his pockets.

Holyfield allegedly shot the victim in the foot. The victim hopped to the front yard of his home, with Holyfield allegedly yelling at him all the way. The victim’s roommate came outside and the victim asked him to call 911. When the roommate went back in the house, the victim and Holyfield began fighting, the police report says.

The victim went behind Holyfield and began choking him. Holyfield then shot him two more times, in the back and in the leg. The victim was transported to Atlanta Medical.

According to police, Holyfield was allegedly screaming in the back of the patrol car. He allegedly told police he was robbed and assaulted and only shot the victim in self defense. He allegedly told police that if he were committing a robbery, he would’ve fled the scene. Holyfield allegedly told police that the victim saw him at the bar and said he bought them both drinks. He said the victim was trying to rob him in order to buy drugs.

Holyfield was charged with aggravated assault, the report says.

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