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Boys & Girls Club pool deal gives Decatur first right of refusal to buy property

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Boys & Girls Club pool deal gives Decatur first right of refusal to buy property


Samuel L Jones Boys & Girls Club. Photo obtained via http://www.bgcma.org/locations/samuel-l-jonesboys-girls-club/

The city of Decatur is considering a lease with the Samuel L Jones Boys & Girls Club in Oakhurst to reopen the club’s indoor pool.

But the lease also includes a provision that would give the city the right of first refusal if the property ever goes on the market. The city has in the past expressed an interest in buying the club property. The club already owns a popular dog park, which it leases to the city.

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The pool deal would allow the city to control the use of the pool in exchange for improving it. The pool has not been used for several years. Assistant City Manager Lyn Menne recently told the City Commission the cost to improve the pool would be $53,000 and $270,000 for locker rooms and office space. The Boys & Girls Club would retain use of the pool for a few hours each day and during the summer.

Menne said the Boys & Girls Club might contribute to the locker rooms portion of the project as part of a major renovation that’s planned for the facility.

“We’re excited about it because we’ll be able to do senior programming in the mornings and also have some practice space for Decatur High School,” Menne said.

The lease would be for 10 years with two 10 year extension options, she said.

“It also includes a right of first refusal for the entire property should they ever decide to sell,” Menne said.

Mayor Patti Garrett said she’s “excited” about the prospect of the city having access to indoor pool space.

“We’ve had residents ask about being able to use the pool and have something available year-round,” Garrett said. “I think it will be welcomed and well-utilized by residents.”

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