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Editor’s note: Decaturish is taking a ‘vacation’ this week

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Editor’s note: Decaturish is taking a ‘vacation’ this week



I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend with your families and that your celebrations through the New Year will be safe and happy.

Due to personal obligations, I will be taking some time off this week. It’s a vacation, though that’s not the best word for it because I’ll still be monitoring my inbox and posting any major breaking news that comes my way.

But I won’t be churning out several stories a day the way I customarily do. As far as weeks out of the year go, this is the perfect one for a quasi vacation. News and business typically slows down to a crawl. Readers are on vacations of their own. And many people are avoiding the news completely this week as the Grim Reaper works to complete his mission of killing every last thing we care about before 2016 ends. I assume he’s up for a performance bonus of some sort this year.

I take some comfort knowing that Carrie Fisher is a complete and total badass who is doing her best to make sure the Grim Reaper doesn’t get paid in full. Let us all resolve to be more like Carrie Fisher in 2017.

Also, don’t go out and get a DUI on New Year’s Eve or I will ensure that every one of your names ends up on Decaturish. Take an Uber, genius.

I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming next week.

Until then, be safe, be merry and tell 2016 to shove it.

– Dan Whisenhunt, editor

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