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$15,000 available for Avondale events

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$15,000 available for Avondale events

Lake Avondale. Source: Avondaleestates.org

Lake Avondale. Source: Avondaleestates.org

Avondale Estates’ 2017 Community Promotion Program (CPP) is accepting applications until Jan. 31.

Local events such as MayHam Fest and the Avondale Farmers Market were subsidized by CPP last year. Now, with January almost over, the City is ready to bring on events for the community to enjoy in 2017.

This year, Avondale’s Downtown Development Authority looks forward to providing $15,000 in funds for “events, festivals, or other projects which promote the City.”

More information about CPP’s mission as well as the program’s application can be found at http://avondaleestates.org/2172/Community-Promotion-Program. Email questions to Rachel Herzog at rherzogdda@gmail.com.

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