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Oak Brewpub opens in Oakhurst

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Oak Brewpub opens in Oakhurst

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia Commons

A new brewpub has opened in Oakhurst, though the pub’s signature brews are still fermenting.

Oak Brewpub is located at the former Mulligans bar on East Lake Drive. The address is 630 East Lake. The owner is Daniel McKinney.

The company said in a Facebook message the pub is offering a craft beer and cocktail selection, but the pub’s beer isn’t ready yet. Oak Brewpub is open Tuesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

McKinney previously told Decaturish that he’s been in the restaurant business for over 17 years and an owner for six years. He has worked primarily in San Francisco but moved back to the South. He specializes in Southern food, and has a cooking background in French and Spanish food.

He says the restaurant will eventually have 24 taps. Half will be in-house brews and the other half will be local craft beers. He says his business will brew mainstays like stouts, IPA’s and Kölsch-style beers.

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