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Police: Pallookaville employee stabbed coworker at least 11 times with butcher knife

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Police: Pallookaville employee stabbed coworker at least 11 times with butcher knife

Pallookaville. File photo

Pallookaville. File photo

A police report reveals new details about an aggravated assault that took place at Pallookaville on Tuesday afternoon involving two employees.

According to the report and the arrest warrant, one employee Ian Clayton, allegedly stabbed fellow coworker James Thomas more than 10 times with a 7-inch butcher knife. Clayton allegedly stabbed Thomas once in the chest and 11 to 15 times in the back, puncturing both lungs and the spleen. Thomas survived and was taken to a hospital where underwent surgery. Clayton was also taken to the hospital, the Police Department said.

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The report says another employee was returning from break when he allegedly saw Clayton holding a knife and headed toward Thomas.

“An altercation occurred and Ian [Clayton] started pushing Thomas several times, then began attacking him with the knife,” the report says.

The other employee told the officer he tried to pull Clayton off Thomas, but was unable to do so and ran for help. Other staff members were able to pull Clayton off and took the knife away from him, the report says. That’s when they noticed the blood. The employee ran to get a first aid kit. A person eating at the restaurant stayed to help Thomas, applying pressure with towels to stop the bleeding. Thomas was transported to Atlanta Medical Center and Clayton was transported to Grady Hospital.

Clayton was subsequently arrested and taken to jail, where he remains as of March 16.

The report does not say what led to the incident.

Pallookaville, a popular corn dog restaurant, has been the catalyst for much of the revival of Avondale Estates’ downtown. It was founded by Jim Stacy, who later sold the business to Maggard and his business partner, Jason Hylton.

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