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Drew Charter High students work to prevent hot car deaths

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Drew Charter High students work to prevent hot car deaths

Photo provided by Drew Charter School.

Photo provided by Drew Charter School.

Drew High Charter students plan to present a life-saving device at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this summer.

The invention is intended to prevent children from dying after they are left inside a hot car. Drew Charter School engineering students received a $10,000 Lemelson-MIT grant for the project. The project team is made up of 15 juniors and seniors.

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“Our device will mitigate the number of hot car related deaths for children and pets by using a three tiered alert system,” Naomi Ray, one of the technical leads on the team, said in a press release. “When a baby or pet is detected alone in a vehicle, the first line of defense the students are proposing is a text message to the owner. If the child or pet is not retrieved and the temperature rises to dangerous levels, the students are proposing an audible vicinity alarm to alert those in the area of child/pet that is in danger. The students are proposing that if the temperature in the vehicle reaches life threatening levels, the authorities will be sent a GPS location of the vehicle.”

In two months, the team intends to present their invention at MIT’s EurekaFest. Students have to pay for their own travel to the event. A GoFundMe account has been established to raise money for the trip.

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