Zero Mile – Air Line Stories

Posted by April 12, 2017

Nicki Salcedo

The Zero Mile Post marked the meeting of two railway lines and possibly the beginning of the city of Atlanta. Zero Mile is a series of sometimes fictionalized and sometimes real stories based on life in Atlanta, Georgia.

By Nicki Salcedo, contributor 

For years I boarded airplanes carrying a lion called “Avocado Avogadro Spartacus.” He was my comfort item. Between the ages of 17 and 27, I flew back and forth between Atlanta and San Francisco regularly. When I was at school, I longed for home. When I was home, I longed for my heart. I became a good flyer in those years. I wore college sweatshirts and used my good manners. I often had the row to myself and could stretch out to sleep the entire trip. Always the Red Eye.

To read the full column on Atlanta Loop, click here.


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