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Dear Decaturish – Calls to remove Confederate monument are baseless, emotional

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Dear Decaturish – Calls to remove Confederate monument are baseless, emotional

The monument in downtown Decatur. Photo provided to Decaturish

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Dear Decaturish,

Mr. Brian Kammer’s letter about the the Confederate monument on the Decatur Square was emotional and not based on knowledge of American history. Let’s look at the facts.

In 1858 at the fourth debate with Stephen Douglas, Lincoln declared black people to be an inferior race. Lincoln stated unequivocally in his 1861 Inaugural address that he was not going to free the slaves and never did. The Emancipation Proclamation did not mention the slave states of Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland, and Tennessee. Lincoln’s father-in-law owned slaves in Kentucky. Lincoln admitted West Virginia to the Union in 1863 as a slave state. Would Mr. Kammer like to remove the Lincoln Monument in Washington, DC?

In 1862 General U.S. Grant issued General Order No. 11. It called for the mass arrest and deportation of the “Jews as a class” in Kentucky, Tennessee, and northern Mississippi. Would Mr. Kammer like to remove all statues and monuments to U.S. Grant? Grant’s wife owned slaves, by the way.

The Georgia State Flag is in fact the Confederate First National Flag with the state seal added inside the ring of stars. Would Mr. Kammer like to remove our state flag?

No slave ship ever flew a Confederate Flag. The slave trade was operated by the New England states along with Great Britain, France, Portugal, Spain, and other European countries. The New England slavers flew the Stars and Stripes from their ships. Would Mr. Kammer like to bring down the American Flag?

Speaking of murder and lynching, the Union Army left a trail of rape, arson, torture, and murder across the South that would not be equaled until the regimes of Hitler and Stalin plunged Europe into darkness. The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies in the War of the Rebellion will back up everything I say.

Mr. Kammer should stop worrying about a monument to Confederate soldiers and start learning his history. I would be more than happy to furnish a list of books and reference materials to aid him in this endeavor.

– Joe Jordan

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