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Popular delivery doctor changing hospitals after DeKalb Medical suspends privileges

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Popular delivery doctor changing hospitals after DeKalb Medical suspends privileges


Source: Facebook

Dr. Brad Bootstaylor’s practice, See Baby, has announced it is moving to Atlanta Medical Center following a meeting with DeKalb Medical over restoring his privileges at the hospital.

A spokesperson for DeKalb Medical confirmed that the privileges have not been restored. When asked if they would ever be restored, the spokesperson said, “It’s a fairly long process.”

Too long for Bootstaylor, who said he will continue to deliver babies at Atlanta Medical.

“Beginning June 1, 2017 we look forward to supporting Mothers and Families at Atlanta Medical Center which has a welcoming, supportive and receptive environment for our patients,” a Facebook post signed by the doctor said.

That post has been removed, but here’s a screenshot obtained via internet archives.

See Baby Grow. See Baby Play. See Baby Blog. — See Baby Midwifery will move to Atlanta Medical.._

It is the second time in less than a year that the hospital has put restrictions on his practice. In the most recent case, his privileges were suspended after a vaginal breech birth of twins. The parents of the twins published a lengthy post on the practice’s Facebook page explaining that one of the babies fractured her humerus during delivery.

“However, the See Baby doctor and midwife did a fantastic job of quickly and skillfully dealing with the complication,” the parents added. “We wouldn’t have traded Dr. Bootstaylor for any doctor!”

As we await Dekalb Medical's meeting (which has now been moved to Tuesday, 5/16), we are touched to receive the…

Posted by SEE BABY on Friday, May 12, 2017

Last August, a controversy erupted when DeKalb Medical temporarily suspended water birth at the hospital. The hospital also barred Bootstaylor from delivering babies using forceps, performing Vaginal Births after C-sections, or VBACs, and performing vaginal breech deliveries, his office said at the time. Those privileges were later restored.

When asked previously why the hospital has been watching his practice, Bootstaylor said it’s because his practice offers women and families options and choices. When asked if there had been any birth complications that led to DeKalb Medical’s decision last August, Bootstaylor said, “Yes is a short answer. It’s not an unknown complication. When you use forceps, which has been used for hundreds of years, once in a while you get a laceration around the baby’s ear and it heals.”

DeKalb Medical is catching heat over its decision.

The Georgia Birth Advocacy Coalition is planning a protest at DeKalb Medical on May 19.

“This protest is just the beginning of our movement to change the culture at DeKalb Medical Center,” the event announcement says. “We will continue our campaign until our voices are heard.”

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