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Check out City Schools of Decatur’s new website

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Check out City Schools of Decatur’s new website


The City Schools of Decatur website just received a major overhaul.

Here’s what it looked like before …

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And here’s what it looks like now …

The new website menu list includes a translation option and easier access to the school calendar, which is planted on the home page. The individual school websites are now linking to the new website. Some of these pages are a work in progress. College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center and Winnona Park Elementary have a feature photo of a mountainous landscape unfamiliar to most Decatur residents:

The website that provides the School Board and SLT meeting calendar remains unchanged, and can be accessed by clicking here.

That isn’t the only change in store for City Schools of Decatur this year. According to an email from Superintendent David Dude obtained by Decaturish, there will be a change in the leadership structure of the Early Childhood Learning program.

He wrote, “I have decided to re-purpose the College Heights Principal position into a district-wide Early Childhood Director. This position will primarily serve as the principal of College Heights but will also provide oversight and support to our early childhood program at the high school, as needed. I have decided to name an Interim Early Childhood Director to serve in this role. After discussions with District and ECLC leadership, I have selected Sarah Garland for this interim role. Sarah has served College Heights for many years and is well respected in the community.

“In the fall, I will be working with early childhood stakeholders to design and begin the selection process for this position, to include input from staff and the community. If an internal candidate is selected, we will transition to the new director during the school year. If an external candidate is selected and is currently under contract with another district or center, we may have to wait until summer for the transition.”

School starts on Aug. 1.

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