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UPDATE: Decatur Housing Authority to debut updated public housing complex

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UPDATE: Decatur Housing Authority to debut updated public housing complex

Photo provided by the Decatur Housing Authority

Photo provided by the Decatur Housing Authority

UPDATE: Due to Hurricane Irma, this event is being postponed. 

Here’s our original story …

The Decatur Housing Authority (DHA) has worked to remodel public housing complexes in efforts to provide more amenities as well as energy-friendly units to residents.

Trinity Walk Apartments, located at 421 W. Trinity Place, was built to replace Gateway Manor and Oakview apartments in Decatur. Trinity Walk will have a grand opening ceremony on Sept. 12 at 10 a.m. for Phases 1 and 2 of the project.

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“Our phased program of redevelopment on the occupied site was designed to minimize resident inconvenience and allow us to move temporarily relocated residents into other DHA units during construction,”executive director of the DHA, Doug Faust said in a recent press release. “Phase III, which is planned to begin later this year, will be a redevelopment of the community’s Oakhurst location.”

As of now, Trinity Walk is at capacity, with 121 units filled. The type of housing situation varies between one, two and three-bedroom apartments and townhomes across six multi-storied buildings.

According to the DHA website, “32 of the apartments were created for the elderly and/or disabled, while the remaining 89 units were designed for families.”

“The former Gateway Manor development spanned two highly desirable locations in downtown Decatur, but the buildings were over 50 years old,” Faust said. “Our residents value the community’s location with its proximity to MARTA, Decatur City schools, downtown jobs and many city amenities.”

Trinity Walk includes two playgrounds and a walking trail. There is also a resource center, which comprises of a “fully-equipped computer room, recreational area, kitchen, classrooms and laundry facility.”

Other community resources for residents include:

– Nutrition classes through the University of Georgia Extension Service

– Wylde Center cooking classes and food tastings

– A partnership with Bryant Pharmacy to administer routine health screenings for vital signs such as blood pressure and observing residents with diabetes

– The Opportunity Partnership, a local “collaborative mentoring program for low income students,” which offers students cool opportunities to explore their hobbies and educational passions

– DHA’s STARS Afterschool Program, which offers younger kids help with homework and class content

“DHA has been able to transform a deteriorated and obsolete housing project into a model apartment community that meets far more than just the need for affordable housing ,” Faust said. “Trinity Walk is a beautiful, sustainable, and functional community which will even further enhance the vitality, diversity and civic pride of downtown Decatur.”

DHA has provided “much-needed workforce and affordable housing for over 1,600 families in the greater Decatur area” since 1938. For more information about the DHA, visit www.decaturhousing.org.

To find out more about Trinity Walk Apartments, follow this link: http://www.decaturhousing.org/trinitywalk.html.

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