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Zero Mile – Secrets Inside Atlanta

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Zero Mile – Secrets Inside Atlanta

Nicki Salcedo

Nicki Salcedo

The Zero Mile Post marked the meeting of two railway lines and possibly the beginning of the city of Atlanta. Zero Mile is a series of sometimes fictionalized and sometimes real stories based on life in Atlanta, Georgia.

By Nicki Salcedo, contributor

I saw a woman with a baby strapped to her chest walking through the DeKalb’s Farmers Market. My first thought was, “Look at that baby carrying a human on its back.” But then I took a second look and wondered where the woman was from. Clearly not Atlanta. Come on, lady! Put a hat and some socks on your baby before you go into the Farmers Market.

The coldest winter I’ve ever spent was a summer inside in Atlanta.

To read the full column on Atlanta Loop, click here.

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