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Irma recovery update: Four schools in Decatur still have no power

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Irma recovery update: Four schools in Decatur still have no power


A city schools of Decatur bus. Photo from CSD Facebook page.

As parents await word whether they”ll be missing school again tomorrow as a result of damage brought by Hurricane Irma, Decatur Schools says there are still four schools without power.

Superintendent David Dude reported this morning that power is out at Clairemont, Westchester and Winnona Park elementary schools as well as College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center.

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Other schools have power but are experiencing intermittent issues.

Here’s the full message from Superintendent Dude:

Decatur Metro also has a lengthy update this morning about storm recovery efforts in Decatur and the effect it is having on everyone.

DM says, “Restaurant kitchen staff are exhausted from heavy crowds and restaurants are low – or plum out! – of food.  (‘Another beer, sir?’ ‘Well, I need the calories, so yeah. Thanks.’)  Parents stare blankly into the distance, exhausted from their chaotic effort to empty the necessities out of the fridge when the power went out and racking their brains to figure out how to get their phone another fix of electricity. And the children.  The kids seem lost, confused and looking desperately for anything to quell their boredom. What’s going on? Decatur’s neighborhoods took the hit.”

To read the full post, click here.

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