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Tiny House festival organizers say movement is about more than square footage

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Tiny House festival organizers say movement is about more than square footage

Photo by ARTSATL

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Photo by ARTSATL

By Gail O’Neill, ARTSATL

When a caravan of 25 bite-sized homes rolls into Decatur for its annual Tiny House Festival on September 29, the cuteness factor will be off the charts. But Will Johnston, founder and executive director of Tiny House Atlanta, hopes the collection of micro homes will inspire macro thinking about our cookie-cutter approach to living.

“There’s a lot more to this movement than square footage,” says Johnston. “I hope visitors will leave asking themselves, ‘What would society be like if we could afford our housing? What would we give back [if disproportionate amounts of time, energy and resources were not squandered on maintaining our homes]? Who would we be?’”

Finding ways to connect people and strengthen communities comes naturally to Johnston. Growing up in rural West Virginia, he was part of a very large and close-knit extended family where shared dinners, group activities and a sense of camaraderie were the norm. In his world, neighbors asking to borrow a cup of sugar was the rule, not an anachronism. And unexpected knocks on the door were greeted with excitement and curiosity, as opposed to hostility and resentment.

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