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UPDATE: Decatur Police determine ‘suspicious person’ was an Uber driver

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UPDATE: Decatur Police determine ‘suspicious person’ was an Uber driver

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

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Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Decatur Police responded to a call Sunday about a suspicious person who was allegedly watching children and acting strangely.

Police later concluded the person was an Uber driver and was in the neighborhood dropping off two passengers at the time of the incident.

The incident that sparked the investigation occurred on Oct. 15. Police responded to a call in the 100 block of Heatherdown Road.

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“The complainant stated she was in her home and observed a black Chrysler 300 stop in the street in front of her home while there were children playing in a nearby yard,” Lt. Jennifer Ross said. “A man got out of the Chrysler and appeared to be looking at the children. The man then opened the trunk of the Chrysler and pulled out a pair of gloves. The complainant quickly went outside and also sent her dog outside toward the man and the vehicle. The man got back into the Chrysler and left. The man was described as black, 6’ tall, with long dreadlock style hair and wearing a gray/black suit.  There was no report of an attempted abduction or of the suspect speaking to or approaching the children. The complainant was concerned about the behavior and circumstances and intervened by taking her dog outside and approaching the situation, which resulted in the male leaving the area. Officers canvassed the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.”

Police on Monday morning, Oct. 16, responded to a call about two suspicious vehicles in the area of Shadowmoor Drive and Heatherdown Road.

“Officers made contact with the occupants of the vehicles who were temp agency workers waiting to unload a shipment of construction materials at a nearby home,” Ross said. “One of the vehicles was a black Chrysler 200 but none of the occupants matched the description of the person from the day before. However, the temp workers retrieved gloves from their trunks to use while unloading the shipment of drywall.”

On the evening of Oct. 16, Ross said investigators had determined the person was an Uber driver.

“After sending information out to the community this morning, a neighbor from the 100 block of Heatherdown Road reached out and provided the following additional information,” Ross said. “The man and vehicle in question was the Uber who brought her and her daughter home yesterday around the same time the suspicious person incident occurred. Her Uber driver had on driving gloves when he dropped them off. He asked her where Walmart was located and she gave him directions.”

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