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Korean BBQ restaurant coming to Decatur’s Arlo development

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Korean BBQ restaurant coming to Decatur’s Arlo development

Photo obtained via http://arlodecatur.com/

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Photo obtained via http://arlodecatur.com/

A Korean BBQ restaurant will open in the Arlo mixed-use development sometime next year, assuming everything goes as planned.

The restaurant, which is not yet named, will be owned by James Kim, owner of 9292 Korean BBQ in Duluth. His daughter, Scarlett Kim, told Decaturish the family hopes to open the new restaurant six months from now.

The Arlo development is located on East Trinity Place across from Kimball House in Decatur.

Scarlett Kim said the restaurant will be a little different than the family’s Duluth restaurant because it will cater to people who are not necessarily looking for the traditional Korean BBQ experience.

“In Duluth we have a lot of family style options,” she said. “It’s not your typical experience where you come in get your order eat and leave. You have a table top grill. The servers will help you grill your meat or you can grill your meat. Here we’re going to go with smaller portions so it’s more accessible to a larger base of customers. You don’t have to come in with a party and make it a long experience.”

She said each table will still have a grill. There will be a bar that offers Korean BBQ snacks and drinks.

“You can come with a party of two and get to experience several cuts of meat,” she said.

The restaurant will also offer vegan and vegetarian options.

“We’re still going to be offering all the sides and all that comes with traditional Korean barbecue. It’ll be more accessible,” she said.

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