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(PHOTOS and VIDEO) 2017 Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby

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(PHOTOS and VIDEO) 2017 Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby

Nola Setser, 10, of Winona Park,dressed as a bottle of ketchup. Nola and her hot-dog styled derby car finished the course in 20 seconds. File photo from 2017

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By Annalise Kaylor, contributor 

The seventh annual Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby returned to Oakhurst Saturday, Oct. 7, drawing hundreds of spectators to cheer on the kids.

Since 2011, the Soapbox Derby has brought in over $100,000 for children-oriented charities around the Decatur area, like Gigi’s Playhouse and Hagar’s House. Proceeds from the 2017 derby go to support Decatur Robotics.

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Sage Powell, age 11, from Oakhurst, rides dressed as a cat in a shark costume riding on a Roomba. The setup is inspired by the YouTube video of the same, which has more than 12 million views. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Asha Rajanna-Horowitz, age 7, sits in the back of the “Oh Yeah Twins” limo she built with her twin brother Anand. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Eli Dailey (left), age 7, and his friend Lucile Scalese, age discuss pre-race strategy at their Moana-themed soapbox derby car. Lucile tells Decaturish that this year her strategy is to drive “as straight as I can because last year I ran into the timer.” Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Claudia Zaemisch, an 8 year-old from Midway Woods, poses on the ramp before grabbing some pre-race food with her twin sister Audra and her father Chad. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

After seeing the robotics demo, which featured a robot that tossed balls into the air, kids help reload the robot for the Decatur Robotics team. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

X-wing pilot Jack, of Oakhurst, surveys his competition while the judges walk through. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Boy Scout Troop 107, of Decatur, Georgia was on hand as the color guard for the Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby. The troop was founded in 1911, just one year after the Boy Scouts of America was founded and is one of the oldest troops in the United States. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Artesha Chaney, Decatur, sings the National Anthem before the 7th Annual Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby begins. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

A plane-themed soapbox derby car driven start of the Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Dad and Daughter share a couple of laughs as they barrel down the Madison Avenue hill in their replica of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

5 year-old Norah Scalese receives some maneuvering advice from her dad Anthony after crossing the finishing line of the race. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Ethan Donald (seated) and his brother Jacob (right) made their soapbox derby car into a model of the Milennium Falcon from Star Wars with the help of their father Matt Donald. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Fans of “The Oh Yeah Twins” came sporting temporary tattoos to cheer on their team during the 7th Annual Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

The “Oh Yeah Twins,” comprised of twin brother and sister Asha and Anand Rajanna-Horowitz, age 7, of Oakhurstdescribed their strategy as “low and slow” citing style over speed. Their soapbox car was designed as a stretch limo, with Asha riding in the “hot tub” in the back while Anand drives. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

The spectators began arriving two hours before the first race of the Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby began to ensure prime viewing for all of the races. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Members of the Decatur Robtoics team, the 2017 beneficiary of the proceeds from the Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby. (L-R): Scott, Emma, Zach, Harry, and Walden. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Elizabeth Chadwick (left), 9, and Annabelle Coyne (right), 6, both of Oakhurst, fly down the soapbox derby course in their dog-catcher themed derby car. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Taylor Baltrusaitis prepares to go down the Madison Avenue Soapbox course in a replica of a FordF550 Dump Truck. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Nola Setser, 10, of Winona Park,dressed as a bottle of ketchup. Nola and her hot-dog styled derby car finished the course in 20 seconds. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

The “Last Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse” team had three riders and a car so heavy that it broke the ramp. It took several parents and volunteers to lift the car onto the ramp. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Morgan (center) Davis (left), and Declan (right), part of the team “Last Surivors of the Zombie Apocalypse” were the first team to crash. After crossing the finish line, the car plowed through the layers of hay bales meant to provide a buffer before coming to an abrupt halt. In a post-crash interview, the team said their brakes weren’t as good as they thought they were. Davis said, “If we had added a fourth person, we would have been in the hospital right now”. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

The volunteers for the derby scramble to get the hay bale barriers back in place after the first crash in the 2017 Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Beckett, of team Blast Off Brothers, surprises the crowd with a last-minute afterburner display in their NASA-themed derby car. Photo by Annalise Kaylor.

Correction: Earlier versions of this story contained incorrect information in the captions, including a misspelled name. The captions have been updated with the correct information. 

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