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Dear Decaturish – Dustin Inman Society defenders take issue with Decaturish

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Dear Decaturish – Dustin Inman Society defenders take issue with Decaturish


Photo obtained via the Dustin Inman Society Facebook page

We accept letters to the editor. Letters to the editor are opinions of the authors of the letter, not Decaturish.com. Everyone has an equal opportunity to submit a letter to the editor. So if you read something here and don’t like it, don’t jump on our case. Write a letter of your own. All letters must be signed and are typically 400 to 800 words in length. We reserve the right to edit letters for length and content. To send your letter to the editor, email it to [email protected] Due to the volume of letters we’ve received criticizing our coverage of this topic, we have decided to publish them in the same post. 

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Dear Decaturish,

My family recently returned to Texas where I grew up in a border town after 16 years in the Atlanta area. We still monitor Georgia politics, especially immigration issues.  The founder of the Dustin Inman Society, DA King, has been committed for many years in helping people understand the truth about immigration and the law. He correctly points out that Georgia has more illegal immigrants than Arizona. I assure you, this is not helping middle-class or low-income Georgians.

As a proud Latina donor and board member of The Dustin Inman Society, I was stunned to read that you passed along the misinformed insult regarding The Dustin Inman Society from Jim Galloway at the AJC, who is using the SPLC as a reliable arbiter of ‘extremism.’  Surely you are aware of the criticism by the Anti Defamation League of the SPLC for its faking a “hate group” crisis and reprimand by the DOJ for “unprofessional and frivolous behavior in immigration court proceedings”? Tactics and accusations by the SPLC are very questionable, a fact the AJC conveniently omits from their reporting.  My hope is that Decaturish.com is more dedicated to fairness in journalism than Jim Galloway, the AJC – and the SPLC.

– Maria Silvia Montoya


Dear Decaturish,

As an immigrant and an advisory board member of the Dustin Inman Society, I find your recent news article ( “Lt. Governor Casey Cagle escalates fight with Decatur using state immigration board”) that curiously repeats the inaccurate AJC/SPLC characterization that the Dustin Inman Society is “extreme” for insisting that our immigration law be enforced to be extremely offensive.

My parents and aunts and uncles fled a communist regime and spent years in refugee camps, and only emigrated after finding sponsors. They went through the proper steps.

One of the most important civics lessons I learned as a schoolgirl in Rochester, New York, in the 1960s was that the United States system was based on fairness.

Liberal or not, to blur the lines between legal and illegal, as Jim Galloway and the SPLC have repeatedly done, is a violation of the underlying principles of American justice and an insult to all real immigrants. The Dustin Inman Society, led by Mr. D.A. King is pro-enforcement on immigration. It appears that the Southern Poverty Law Center and Jim Galloway at the AJC take a counter position to that agenda. Is that the case for Decaturish.com too?


Mary Grabar
Clinton, NY


Dear Decaturish,

As a Black American conservative and proud member of the Board of Advisors of the Dustin Inman Society, I was saddened to see the report on the Immigration Enforcement Review Board that seemed to stray into smear politics.

I have been a friend of D.A. King for more than a decade and have worked alongside him as a volunteer at the Gold Dome to educate legislators on our illegal immigration crisis. I have also watched the SPLC smear conservative political opponents as “hate groups” in an effort to discredit our work. Referring to D.A. King as anything but an honest, hard working patriot who believes in immigration sanity is shameful.

I have had first hand experience with the SPLC when, along with many Black, Asian and Hispanic Americans, I attended an informative 2015 immigration seminar in Washington, DC that the SPLC later falsely described as a “white nationalist” meeting.

Any news outlet risks damaging its reputation by using the race-baiting and discredited SPLC as an authority on immigration and integrity.

– Inger Eberhart


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