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DeKalb Medical threatened with termination of Medicare funds after patient’s death

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DeKalb Medical threatened with termination of Medicare funds after patient’s death


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This story has been updated. 

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is threatening terminate an agreement with DeKalb Medical following the death of a patient.

The termination will be effective Nov. 27 unless the hospital takes steps to fix the problems.

Here is the termination notice:

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Georgia Health News reported this is the “second time in four months” the hospital has faced the threat of losing federal money. The first time occurred in August after a mentally ill patient disappeared for “several days,” GHN reported. According to the website, “The latest case involved a nursing home patient who was admitted to the Decatur hospital in October. The patient, whose chief complaint was rectal bleeding, was given a dosage of medication that was much higher than the maximum recommended limit for the drug, federal officials said.”

Georgia Health News reported that “an agreement with CMS is almost certain.”

DeKalb Medical Vice President Cheryl Iverson told the publication the mistake was caused by “a breakdown of a number of processes.”

To read the full story on GHN, click here.

Iverson told Decaturish that hospital administrators have been upfront with employees about what happened.

“Obviously this has been a tragic event and we want to make sure it never happens again,” she said. “We’ve been public about it with our employees, making sure everybody in the system knows what happened and is incredibly diligent so it doesn’t happen again.”

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