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Escaped Emu greets students at 4/5 Academy in Decatur

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Escaped Emu greets students at 4/5 Academy in Decatur


This story has been updated. 

Students at Decatur’s 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue had a special visitor this morning.

“One of our neighbors has an emu that escaped from his yard and decided to greet us all upon arrival to school this morning. The owner was able to come and retrieve the bird and we will follow up with him today,” an email to parents said. “Other than a little excitement, fear and few small chases, everyone arrived safely and no one was hurt.”

“It’s never a dull day on the Ave,” the email added.

The owner, David Sample, said two emus escaped from his back yard this morning, a male and a female named Dino and Dinah. He said this is the second time they’ve escaped. The first time some mischievous children unlocked his gate. He’s not sure how it happened this time.

“They’re completely harmless,” he said. “They’re so large they’re scary if you don’t know them.”

The email from the school included this photo:

A parent of a child at the school also sent in this photo …

And a reader sent in some video …