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Vista Grove advocates holding town hall meeting

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Vista Grove advocates holding town hall meeting


The cityhood movement continues in DeKalb County.

Last year, voters approved a new city of Stonecrest. That followed an unsuccessful effort to incorporate a city of LaVista Hills and a successful effort to incorporate a city of Tucker.

Now a new group wants to give cityhood a try. Advocates of Vista Grove told Decaturish earlier this year that they want to create a city without all of the divisiveness that clouded the LaVista Hills effort. A map released by the group shows it has boundaries that are similar to the LaVista Hills map.

It would include Lakeside High, Briarlake Elementary, Sagamore Elementary and Oak Grove Elementary, though these schools would still be a part of the DeKalb County School system. It would also contain Northlake Mall, a potentially lucrative source of tax revenue.

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Vista Grove says it is not the same as the LaVista Hills movement.

“The Vista Grove Initiative is a new, fresh effort focused on helping us be informed as a community about our future civic direction and to preserve the OPTION of cityhood before it is lost to other annexations or future legislative changes,” the group’s website says. “Our founding principles and focus are positive dialogue, self-determination and choice for our community, and providing the best information about our civic options to provide the most informed choices.”

Vista Grove is planning a series of public meetings. The first will be held Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. at Briarcliff Woods Beach Club, located at 1830 Morris Landers Dr NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30345.

“Come learn more about Vista Grove Initiative and share your thoughts on improvements you’d like to see in our community,” the event announcement says.

It’s not clear whether the proposed city has a sponsor in the Legislature. The group is raising money to complete a feasibility study to see if the proposed city would generate enough tax revenue to pay for services.

To learn more about the proposed city, visit www.vistagrove.org.

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