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Greenhaven cityhood advocates invite public to visit new headquarters

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Greenhaven cityhood advocates invite public to visit new headquarters


A map of the proposed city of Greenhaven. Photo obtained via http://www.greenhaven-ga.org/new-page/

Concerned Citizens for Cityhood of South DeKalb, the group backing the Greenhaven cityhood movement, has a new headquarters.

The public is invited to see it on Saturday, Dec. 16, at 1 p.m.

“Preceded by a gathering of cars at 11:30 a.m. at the Gallery of South DeKalb mall, supporters will head over to Greenhaven headquarters at 3203 Glenwood Road, Suite D, Decatur GA 30032,” an announcement from the group says. “This headquarters represents the persistence and progress that the Greenhaven team continues to make as they approach 2018. It is their fourth year of meeting all the requirements while the team works to obtain approval from the Georgia State Assembly to offer a cityhood referendum to the residents of south DeKalb.”

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The creation of a new south DeKalb city has been discussed since 2014. The proposed city has a population of about 300,000 and would encompass much of south DeKalb. The group commissioned a feasibility study that shows it would generate enough tax revenue to pay for the cost of providing services and projects an annual surplus of $27.2 million. But the proposed city has failed to gain traction in the Legislature while another south DeKalb city, Stonecrest, was approved by the Legislature and incorporated by voters last year.

The group says south DeKalb is “a land of opportunity.”

“The new city will offer opportunity for greater economic opportunities, quality of life improvements, and a cooperative emphasis on improved education,” the announcement says. “The proposed city of Greenhaven is primed to be a strategic spot in the future growth of Atlanta. The Greenhaven team has been working to showcase these opportunities to businesses. The result is this headquarters. The Greenhaven team will utilize the space as a base of operations to educate residents about the proposed city of Greenhaven, convince the Georgia State Assembly to approve a referendum, and continue to get businesses, residents and investors involved and supportive.”

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