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Decatur Police seek man accused of groping 19-year-old at the city library

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Decatur Police seek man accused of groping 19-year-old at the city library

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Decatur Police are looking for a man accused of groping and harassing a 19-year-old woman at the Decatur Library.

The incident occurred on Jan. 19. Police took the report on Jan. 25, Lt. Jennifer Ross said. Police released details about the incident on Monday, Jan. 29.

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“The victim, a 19-year-old female, reported that on Jan. 19, 2018 at approximately 12:40 p.m. she was approached by an unknown male as she was about to enter the restroom,” Ross said. “The male told the victim he knew her from elementary school and stated he needed to talk with her about a private matter and asked her to follow him. The victim followed the male to a downstairs stairway.

“The suspect began to ask questions and make statements of a sexual nature, then he exposed himself. The victim turned away and the suspect grasped the victim’s buttocks. The victim told the suspect she was feeling uncomfortable and the suspect kissed her on the cheek and on her mouth. After a few minutes, the suspect stopped. The victim left the library and later told her mother about the incident.”

Ross said the suspect was described as a black male, approximately 20-years-old, dark complexion, approximately 5’05, slender build, with close-cut black hair and a mustache, wearing a dark shirt, dark pants and gray jacket.

She also provided these photos of the suspect:

Photo provided by Decatur Police

Photo provided by Decatur Police

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