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Suspect in fatal Barcelona Wine Bar robbery also suspect in Pinewood robbery

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Suspect in fatal Barcelona Wine Bar robbery also suspect in Pinewood robbery


Carlous Bailey. Photo provided by Decatur Police

Atlanta Police have been aggressively pursuing the suspects who killed a Barcelona Wine Bar employee during a Nov. 19 robbery.

The latest suspect arrested in the case is also a suspect in the robbery of the Pinewood in Decatur last May.

On Jan. 12, Atlanta Police announced the arrest of Carlous Bailey, 20. He was already in the DeKalb County jail on charges related to the Pinewood robbery. Bailey was a former employee of the Pinewood. He turned himself in last month.

The Pinewood robbery took place around midnight on May 25, right after closing.

According to Decatur Police Lt. Jennifer Ross, “[A Pinewood] employee stated she was exiting the rear of the business when one suspect pointed a handgun at her, forced her to her knees and began asking questions about how many people were still inside and where money was kept. She was forced back into the restaurant and placed on the floor. Two suspects entered the business and rounded up the additional four victims inside of the restaurant. The victims were placed on the floor with their hands bound and questioned about the whereabouts of cash. The suspects also demanded car keys, cell phones, wallets and weapons. The suspects took cash from the business and the personal belongings (purses, wallets, phones, keys) from the five victims and fled. The business was closed at the time of the robbery. No injuries were reported.”

The Pinewood and Barcelona Wine Bar robberies share some similarities.

Atlanta Police said, “As the restaurant was closing [on Nov. 19] three males entered the location and tied up the employees with electrical tape. The victim was forced upstairs to open the safe and then shot. The suspects fled the scene. Grady EMS responded to the scene and transported the victim to Grady where she was pronounced deceased. Homicide responded to the scene and the investigation continues.”

The Barcelona Wine Bar employee was later identified as Chelsea Beller.

Atlanta Police Police arrested Samuel Ott, 21, on Saturday, Dec. 23. His DNA was matched to evidence found at the crime scene of the Barcelona Wine Bar robbery, police said.