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Winnona Park Elementary principal will become interim principal at Renfroe Middle

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Winnona Park Elementary principal will become interim principal at Renfroe Middle

Greg Wiseman. Photo obtained from https://www.csdecatur.net/

Winnona Park Elementary Principal Greg Wiseman is leaving the school to become interim principal of Renfroe Middle School.

Wiseman made the announcement in an email Thursday afternoon. He is replacing Jonathan Clark, who resigned his post at Renfroe last month. Winnona Park’s interim principal will be instructional coach Ruth Scott. Wiseman will take over as Renfroe’s interim principal on Feb. 5.

Here is the message he sent to parents:

Dear Winnona Park Community,

[Superintendent David] Dude has asked me to serve as the interim principal of Renfroe Middle School and I have accepted this opportunity. I begin my responsibilities at RMS effective Monday, February 5th. This assignment will be completed at the end of the 2017-18 school year. When asked if I’d consider this, I responded, “Why would I leave the warm, safe embrace of Winnona to do this?”

When I got home and reflected, I realized that my reply was one of the reasons I need to do this. CSD is the only school system I’ve worked for and I’m completely invested in it as a parent and employee. As one of the most experienced administrators in CSD, when asked to help at one of our schools, I felt it was my duty to do so.

Winnona Park is a well-oiled machine and we have a great plan to have leadership in place for the remainder of the school year. Ruth Scott, our Instructional Coach, will fulfill the role of Interim Principal. She is already a leader of WP, and the entire staff trusts, respects, and loves her. The parents that have worked with her in one way or another can attest to her leadership.

WP Kindergarten Teacher Kim Houston will fulfill the role of Interim Instructional Coach at WP. Kim is already a leader of the school and is well suited to take on this role. Kim has fifteen years teaching experience and is more than ready to take on this role. I will reach out to the parents of Kim’s class shortly with my plan for her class for the rest of the year.

Ruth, Kim, and I will be in daily contact, even though I am confident in their abilities to run the school. Truthfully, they’ll probably stop taking my calls in a week or two because things will be as smooth as ever.  I am delighted to give Ruth and Kim a taste of this leadership experience. So much so that I’m a little nervous how I’ll be welcomed when I return.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve been able to assemble a strong and confident staff that performs at a very high level. Ruth, Kim, and the whole staff will continue to do so in my absence. Folks, our school is in great hands.



Greg Wiseman,

Principal, Winnona Park Elementary School