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Decaturish would like a moment of your time

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Decaturish would like a moment of your time

Artwork by Sharna Fulton

Artwork by Sharna Fulton

Dear readers,

Decaturish has come a long way from where it started. This site routinely receives more than 150,000 unique views per month. That’s 150,000 readers who read Decaturish to stay informed about their communities. Only last year we were averaging 50,000 unique views a month.

Decaturish depends on the financial support of our many readers to continue providing community news without sticking it behind a pay wall. While we receive thousands of visits each month, only a small fraction – about 400 – are paid subscribers. That needs to change. There are five easy methods of contributing to the work that we do.

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People can adjust their subscriptions to pay more or less at any time. Every dollar helps. The kind of coverage Decaturish provides is worth your support. No one can afford to be ignorant about what’s going on in their community.

I’ve used subscription money to provide you with news about things you care about, like the latest restaurant opening or the current crime trends where you live. I’ve also been able to dig deeper and shine a light on matters that others would prefer hidden. I’ve been able to tell so many stories, some good, some bad, all important. To continue doing this work, I need your support.

If you appreciate what I do, please become a paid subscriber. To all of our current subscribers, thank you for your continued support of Decaturish.