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Gunfire or ‘MacGyver’? Filming at Pullman Yard startles Kirkwood residents

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Gunfire or ‘MacGyver’? Filming at Pullman Yard startles Kirkwood residents

The Pullman Yard in Kirkwood. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The Pullman Yard in Kirkwood. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

This story has been updated. 

Residents living near Pullman Yard in Kirkwood say that simulated gunfire from recent filming of the “MacGyver” TV series at Pullman Yard has occurred without warning.

Some residents were concerned that the sound of shots was a crime in progress.

“When you live in a city environment and you suddenly hear a shitload of gunfire, especially given that occasionally the gunfire we hear is real, it’s a little concerning,” resident Lauren Harms told Decaturish.

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Harms and another resident, Jennifer Downs, said the local Atlanta Police precinct, Zone 6, wasn’t notified prior to simulated gunfire that occurred during the afternoon and evening on Feb. 1. A police department spokesperson confirmed that film company didn’t notify Zone 6. The spokesperson said an off-duty police officer was working at the site during filming. That officer was able to tell APD that the gunfire wasn’t real, the spokesperson said.

The Pullman Yard property has been a popular filming location over the years and filming will likely be a part of its future. Last year, the state sold the property to Atomic Entertainment, which wants to build an “entertainment district” there that includes a movie studio on the site. There will also be a “digital incubator, music and sound recording facilities, food and beverage concepts and a boutique hotel.”

Adam Rosenfelt, co-owner of Atomic Entertainment, told Decaturish that the company is aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

“As filmmakers as well as developers we are uniquely aware of the processes and sensitivities on all sides,” Rosenfelt said. “We are in contact with both the production and the [Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization] board and will ensure proper communication and continue to strive to be fantastic long terms partners with our Kirkwood neighbors.”

Downs and Harms say better communication with the neighborhood is needed. Downs said the film companies have typically only notified residents on adjacent streets, but she said the gunfire can be heard for several blocks.

“After you hear several rounds, you figure, oh that’s filming, but the first couple of times it’s very unnerving,” Downs said. “I have kids that play outside all the time.”

Harms wants to know what options residents have to keep the noises caused by film productions in check.

“There’s some murkiness about whether their film permits allow them to extend beyond the noise ordinance cut off, which our understanding is at 11 p.m. sharp, but that’s not clear to us,” Harms said. “We are having somebody from the noise ordinance team come to the KNO meeting on [Feb. 10] and hopefully get more information.”

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