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Decatur City Commission supports Westchester Elementary’s request to rename creek

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Decatur City Commission supports Westchester Elementary’s request to rename creek


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A photo showing the proposed location of Wolpack Creek. Photo obtained via the city of Decatur

The third grade class at Westchester Elementary in Decatur is asking the federal government to rename a creek next to the school.

The creek, currently referred to as a tributary of Peavine Creek, would be renamed “Wolfpack Creek” in honor of the school’s mascot.

Decatur city commissioners voted to support the students’ request at the commission’s March 19 meeting. That has been forwarded to the U.S. Board of Geological Names, according to Steven Blackburn, whose daughter attended the school. He said Westchester third grade teacher Stacy Foster has been leading the effort to change the creek’s name. Blackburn also works for the Environmental Protection Agency in Atlanta. He said the kids came up with the new name after voting on the idea.

“Now that Decatur has signed off, we are hopeful that the request will be approved,” Blackburn said. “The goal has been  to get this done before Earth Day but we will be very happy to get an answer before the kids are off the FAVE.”

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In a letter to City Schools of Decatur Superintendent David Dude and Westchester Elementar Principal Rochelle Lofstrand, the students said, “We think it needs a name because it is important to the Westchester community. It is important because animals like ducks, snapping turtles, salamanders, fish, tadpoles, frogs, and many insects live there. Lots of kids play there every day too. We think more people should be able to find our creek on a map and come enjoy its beauty.”

Dude and Lofstrand also wrote letters supporting the idea.

“This is part of an exciting learning expedition where the students are exploring the processes of local and federal government while at the same time learning investigating these questions,” Dude wrote. “Why is water important? How do humans impact water sources? What can we do to keep our water safe?”

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