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Decatur repairing sidewalks starting April 2

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Decatur repairing sidewalks starting April 2


Sidewalk repairs in Decatur will get underway on Monday, April 2, and will go on for about four days.

“The City of Decatur is contracting with Georgia Safe Sidewalks to repair sidewalk trip hazards along West Ponce de Leon Avenue, East Ponce de Leon Avenue, and East Court Square,” the city announced.

Sidewalks will remain open, save for any section that’s closed for repairs. The work won’t affect on street parking but vehicles parked next to the work may get a bit of “residual dust” on them, the city says.

“This round of repairs will include all trip hazards up to 2 inches in height; trip hazards greater than 2 inches and panels with cracking will require panel replacement to be completed at a later date,” the city said.

Here’s a map of the areas that will be affected:

Photo provided by the city of Decatur

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