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Greenhaven bill, and bill to abolish DeKalb CEO both fail to make it past Crossover Day

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Greenhaven bill, and bill to abolish DeKalb CEO both fail to make it past Crossover Day


A map of the proposed city of Greenhaven. Photo obtained via http://www.greenhaven-ga.org/new-page/

A bill that would allow a vote on a new city of Greenhaven and a bill to abolish the position of county CEO both failed to make it out of the state House on Wednesday.

Wednesday was Crossover Day, the deadline for bills to pass the House in order to be considered in the Senate.

Both bills did not move out of the Rules Committee, the body that determines which bills receive a floor vote.

Supporters of Greenhaven, which has been talked about in some form since 2014, argued they were being treated unfairly compared to other cities that were approved on the traditional two-year timetable. The proposed city, which would’ve municipalized south DeKalb County, would’ve created the second largest city in Georgia with 300,000 people living in it.

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A Republican push to abolish the county CEO position was sponsored by Rep. Meagan Hanson, R-Brookhaven, and Rep. Tom Taylor, R-Dunwoody.

During a recent committee hearing, Hanson said that she believes the numerous controversies that have enveloped county government in recent years had to do with the existence of the county CEO position. DeKalb County, she noted, is the only county that has a CEO.

State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, D-Decatur, strongly objected to the bill. She asked why it was being introduced as general  legislation and not local legislation carried by DeKalb’s representatives in the Legislature.

Hanson said the local delegation would not have supported such a bill. She said the idea has been suggested to the delegation before.

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