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Local restaurants cope with DeKalb County boil water advisory

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Local restaurants cope with DeKalb County boil water advisory

A flight of beers at Twain's in Decatur. Photo provided by Jill Nolin

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A flight of beers at Twain’s in Decatur. Photo provided by Jill Nolin

A boil water advisory has affected how local restaurants serve their customers.

The county says the advisory, caused by the rupture of a 48 inch main on Wednesday morning, could last through Saturday. DeKalb County government sent a press release today noting the delivery of 72,000 water bottles to the county’s schools and the three campuses of DeKalb Medical Center.

DeKalb County Schools published video of county officials handing out the bottles that also shows conditions inside the schools.

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While the water boil advisory has been stressful for schools, it has also provided headaches for restaurant owners.

Some, like the new Chick-Fil-A on North Decatur Road, are closed for now. Others restaurants are making the best of a bad situation.

Ethan Wurtzel, owner of Twain’s Brewpub & Billiards and the Comet Pub & Lanes, said, “Both Twain’s and The Comet, like all restaurants that are affected, have a number of challenges during this crisis.”

“Water is a vital resource in our industry,” he said. “Soda fountains and ice machines need to be shut off to avoid contamination and requiring us to use canned beverages and have ice delivered. Water for washing vegetables must be boiled and cooled. We have a pot of water on to boil at all times. There is a lot of effort. Obviously our guests’ safety is our priority in this situation and we won’t skimp. We will use single use plates and cups until the advisory is lifted. Thankfully beer is a safe beverage and we have plenty of that to drink. Let’s hope Dekalb give’s us the word everything is okay soon.”

Billy Allin, with Cakes & Ale, said the restaurant is doing the same and buying bottled water and bags of ice so the restaurant can stay open.

Decaturish wants to hear how other restaurant owners are dealing with this. Let us know by emailing us at [email protected] or in the comments section below.

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