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‘MacGyver’ filming at No. 246 in Decatur

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‘MacGyver’ filming at No. 246 in Decatur


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Photo obtained via https://www.facebook.com/no246/

A reader asked what was going on at No. 246, a restaurant in Decatur.

The reader said, “Do you know what is being filmed there right now? It looks like it’s a big production.”

Indeed. The restaurant is being used as a location for the “MacGyver” TV series which is filming all over Atlanta. Production of the show recently upset residents in Kirkwood by using simulated gunfire at Pullman Yard. Residents said they did not receive adequate notice. The Pullman Yard’s owner said he is working with residents to make sure they aren’t caught off-guard in the future.

The show airs on Fridays at 8 p.m.

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