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Candidate Q&A – State Rep. Scott Holcomb, House District 81

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Candidate Q&A – State Rep. Scott Holcomb, House District 81

Scott Holcomb

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In advance of the May 22 primary election, Decaturish is publishing Q&As with the candidates. To see your sample ballot, click here.

Scott Holcomb

Scott Holcomb, House District 81 (Incumbent) 

Why are you running for this position? 

I believe Georgia can and must do better. In too many areas, our state is underperforming and I don’t accept that. We must strengthen our economic competitiveness, invest in our educational systems, improve our transportation networks, and improve access to health care for our population. Those are just today’s challenges. We must also plan for tomorrow. This will take innovative thinking, hard work, and smart investments to make sure that Georgia is thriving 20 years from now—and beyond. I believe I can be useful in that work.

What are your qualifications for this office? 

I have a broad range of experiences in both the public and private sectors, where I have worked at high-levels with significant responsibility. Among other experiences, I’ve practiced law for more than 20 years. I’ve been a prosecutor, an attorney at a large firm, and a co-founder of a boutique law firm, Holcomb + Ward, LLP. I also taught at Georgia Tech before being elected to the General Assembly.

In addition to my law degree, I also have a MBA from the University of Georgia, and I’ll complete a MPA from the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill by the end of the year.


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What kind of work do you do? 

I’m an attorney with Holcomb + Ward, LLP, where I help individuals and businesses solve legal problems. I’ve represented veterans and their families on a pro bono basis since leaving active duty, and my firm regularly handles other pro bono and public service cases.

What are two or three things you’d like to do if you’re elected? 

Expand Medicaid

Overhaul Georgia’s voting system and replace its antiquated, unsecure machines

Raise teacher salaries and pay them like professionals

Why should voters choose you over your opponent? 

I am a proven leader at the Capitol and I get along well with members of both parties. I’ve lead efforts to address the backlog of untested sexual assault kits and to help victims of domestic violence. As a former prosecutor, I understand the importance of reforming our criminal justice system. As a veteran of America’s recent wars, I’m a leader on veterans issues and I’ve passed legislation to help veterans and their families. As a parent of young children and a former instructor at Georgia Tech, I care deeply about Georgia’s educational system and I want it to be world-class every step of the way.

If elected, do you promise to conduct yourself in an ethical and transparent manner?

Yes. I’ve been committed to transparency since my first day in office. It’s essential to our democratic republic.

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