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City issues warning about scam calls disguised as official city of Decatur line

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City issues warning about scam calls disguised as official city of Decatur line

Decatur City Hall.

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Decatur City Hall.

The city of Decatur has issued a warning to residents to “beware of scam calls.”

Recently, a resident received a call from the number (404)377-1708, which registered on their phone screen as a city of Decatur number. But it turned out to be a sales call.

“This appears to be a spoof/bluff call where the caller ID is manipulated to make it appear the call is coming from a certain person/entity,” a press release from the city says.

No sales calls come from the city of Decatur, and it’s recommended that callers ignore or hang up on calls like these.

In addition, the city was recently notified of a computer-generated robocall made to a local resident, which claimed to have a warrant out for “your case with the Department of Tax and Crime Investigation” and to call back the following number: (415) 842-9158.

“If you receive this call, just hang up. These calls are typically generated outside of the United States and are phishing calls designed to steal money and personal information,” the city advised.

Residents are asked to notify senior citizens in their neighborhood of the dangers of scam calls as seniors are frequently victims of these kinds of scams.


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