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Developer requests a deferral on annexation petition for mixed-use project in Decatur

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Developer requests a deferral on annexation petition for mixed-use project in Decatur

Decatur City Hall.

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Decatur City Hall.

A developer pushing the annexation of 11 parcels into the city of Decatur to accommodate a mixed-use development has requested a deferral.

The City Commission, which tabled the annexation proposal at its April 16 meeting, was set to consider it on Monday, May 21.

City Manager Peggy Merriss said, “[Developer] Alliance Realty requested a deferral before the meeting was posted to continue to work on the application.”

“The remaining items associated with the annexation and the potential project at East Ponce de Leon/Grove have been deferred to the June 4, 2018 City Commission Meeting and will not be part of the City Commission’s agenda for consideration on Monday, May 21, 2018,” she said. 


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The parcels near the Avondale MARTA station are zoned industrial, but Alliance Realty Services is planning a mixed-use project there, one that could include a Publix grocery store. The project will also include an apartment complex. During the meeting on April 16, it was revealed that the developer wants to build 289 multi-family units on the site.

The Decatur School Board recently held a work session on the proposal and determined it could potentially bring 45 to 56 students to City Schools of Decatur, far more than the attorney for the developer says the project will generate.

But the project will also bring in $750,000 more in tax revenue than it would cost to educate these students, due to the project’s retail components. The additional students would likely require building three classrooms at a cost of $2.3 million, a cost that could be spread out over 30 years.

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