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Police arrest man accused of inappropriately touching Wild Heaven bartender

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Police arrest man accused of inappropriately touching Wild Heaven bartender

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A man accused of grabbing the genitals of a bartender at the Wild Heaven brewery in Avondale Estates has been arrested and charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor.

Avondale Police said a warrant was issued for Scott Larimore, of Decatur, following a hearing on May 14.

“Mr. Larimore was arrested and booked in the jail on May 15, released on the same date on a signature bond and is awaiting trial on the charge,” Police Chief Lynn Thomas said.

Larimore has not returned several messages seeking comment.

According to the police report, Larimore said the incident was a misunderstanding. The report says he told the owner, Nick Purdy, that he was trying to hug the bartender and he “freaked out and started yelling at him.” The bartender, Dedrick Flynn, said Larimore told him that he was trying to grab his butt and immediately apologized, an account that was backed up by a witness, according to the police report.

Following the April 28 incident, Flynn published a Facebook video about it that was widely shared on social media. On Thursday, Flynn said that he intends to move forward with the case. Flynn said that during the hearing, he was accused of posting the video on Facebook to boost his career as a stand up comedian.

“That’s what they were trying to push, that I was doing this for Facebook, I was only doing it because I was a comedian,” he said.

Flynn said he left the company following the incident. In the Facebook video, Flynn said Purdy was reluctant to provide the suspect’s name.

“I still have that energy is still there and I’m still pissed off about how I was treated,” Flynn said. “I’m a good guy. A lot of people know I’m a good guy.”

The incident was a public relations headache for Wild Heaven, a company with beers on tap in nearly every local restaurant and on the shelf in nearly every local grocery store.

The company’s attempts to address the matter on Facebook were ridiculed in the comments sections.

Purdy says he’s been supportive of Flynn and banned Larimore from Wild Heaven due to the incident. He also filed a police report.

“We care about Dedrick and are so sorry this happened to him and that he didn’t feel cared for,” Purdy recently told Decaturish.