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Westchester Elementary’s request to rename creek gets official approval

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Westchester Elementary’s request to rename creek gets official approval


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Photo obtained via https://www.facebook.com/WestchesterElementaryPTA/

Weeks after third graders at Westchester Elementary in Decatur asked the federal government to rename a creek next to the school, their request has been accepted.

In March, Westchester’s third grade class wrote a petition to rename the creek, formally referred to as a tributary of Peavine Creek, as “Wolfpack Creek” in honor of the school’s mascot.

The students got backing from City Schools of Decatur Superintendent David Dude and Westchester Elementary Principal Rochelle Loftstrand.

In a letter of support, Dude called the students’ proposal “part of an exciting learning expedition where the students are exploring the processes of local and federal government” while also investigating important environmental questions.

The school also sent the petition to the Decatur City Commission, who voted in their March 19 meeting to support the students’ request.

According to Steven Blackburn, a member of Decatur’s Environmental Sustainability Board whose daughter attends the school, Westchester then sent the petition on to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, who approved the stream name on April 12.

The new name has been entered into the Geographic Names Information System, the nation’s official geographic name repository.

Westchester will dedicate the creek during the Moving On Ceremony for third graders on May 24.


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