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Cakes & Ale in Decatur is closing

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Cakes & Ale in Decatur is closing

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This story has been updated. 

After 10 years, Cakes & Ale – a favorite of Decatur’s restaurant scene – is closing.

The company confirmed the information to Decaturish on June 7. The last day of service will be June 9.

Owner and chef Billy Allin said he wants to spend more time with his family and that he’s got plenty on his plate running his two other businesses, Proof Bakeshop and Bread & Butterfly.

“It’s time to move forward, and next stage in my life as a 46 year old man is going to be dedicated to my family,” Allin said. “Luckily I still have two other businesses. It’s taking too much of my life to keep these balls juggling. Something had to give and we gave.”

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Cakes & Ale has been a destination for visitors to Decatur and has been widely praised during its time operating on the Decatur square.

Allin said a new concept plans to open in the Cakes & Ale space but he cannot discuss the details at this time.

“Hopefully it works, and we’re excited for Decatur if this particular person and idea comes to fruition,” he said. “It would be a wonderful business.

Allin said he and his wife, Kristin, are both satisfied with the time they’ve spent in Decatur.

“We’re proud of what we’ve done,” he said. “We’re extremely proud we can be part of this community.”

Cakes & Ale Chef Billy Allin. Photo by Zack Arias, provided to Decaturish.

Here is an email the restaurant sent to its customers:

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We opened Cakes + Ale over 10 years ago and are very proud of what we built and accomplished.  It has been with great pleasure that we have been able to serve our friends and guests, but have decided that we need to take a break and start a new chapter in our lives including spending some much needed time together as a family and focusing our attentions on Proof Bakeshop and Bread & Butterfly.

A new restaurant will fill the space and we are excited to see our corner in Decatur continue to serve and entertain families and diners.  Details coming!

A big thanks to the many who helped and worked with us.  We are indebted to you all and honored to have been your co-workers.  Much love and gratitude to our guests for letting us feed and nourish you for so many years.

Thank you,

Billy + Kristin

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