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Decatur Fire Department announces open house, personnel promotion

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Decatur Fire Department announces open house, personnel promotion

A Decatur, Ga. fire trucks. Source: www.decaturga.com

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A Decatur, Ga. fire trucks. Source: www.decaturga.com

The Decatur Fire Department will host an open house at Fire Station 1 later this month, giving residents the chance to experience the department first-hand, according to a city newsletter.

At the open house, residents of all ages can come meet the first responders of the community, connect with fire personnel, receive information on programs and services, learn about fire prevention and explore volunteer opportunities.

The open house will take place on Saturday, June 23 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. at 230 E. Trinity Place.


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Additionally, the department announced the promotion of eight of its personnel, including Captain Gary Menard, Lieutenant Bridgit Christensen, Sergeant James Hutley, Inspector Garrett Range and Fire Apparatus Operators (FAO) LaShawna Bussey, Justin Tubbs, Jeffrey Calvert and Tyler Manning.

According to the newsletter, the captain, sergeant and inspector promotion process included the completion of an incident command scenario, written test, priority testing and interviews. The inspector promotion also included passing the state inspector test.

The FAOs had to complete a drivers’ test that included a driving course, parking tests, tool identification, pumping equation scenarios and a written test, too. They will be in charge of checking their assigned truck for all of the necessary equipment and ensuring it is in working order. FAOs must also be able to operate every truck in the department to its full capacity.

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