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First Baptist Church of Decatur blasts federal immigration policy


First Baptist Church of Decatur blasts federal immigration policy


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First Baptist Church of Decatur. Photo obtained via Facebook

The First Baptist Church of Decatur released a statement announcing their opposition to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

“We, at First Baptist Church Decatur, stand with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and others in their repudiation of the current immigration policy that tears children away from families, and further, the misuse of Holy Scripture to justify such immoral acts,” the statement said.

Although the current administration has recently shifted its immigration policies, many groups still believe that it is not enough.

The church points out in their statement that they are not endorsing any political affiliation, viewpoint or leader.

“We are following the commands of our God to love and care for our neighbors (irrespective of where they are from), caring for ‘the least of these’ and speaking truth to power when that power attempts to misuse scripture to justify political and immoral acts as has been recently done with Romans 13,” the statement said.

The church says that it stands with “all God’s people (believers and nonbelievers) who condemn the immoral treatment of others” and hopes the current administration will listen to the “growing cast of voices demanding better.”

Read the full statement here, and go here to read the statement from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.


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