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(SPONSORED) Specs Appeal opens on Blackmon Drive

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(SPONSORED) Specs Appeal opens on Blackmon Drive


Specs Appeal, a new eye doctor’s office on Blackmon Drive in Decatur, is open for business.

It is a truly the most technologically advanced eye doctor’s office in the greater Atlanta area, bringing eye care into the 21st century.

Specs Appeal offers:

Optomap – dilation free exam: An ultrawide view inside the back part of the eye without drops so the patient don’t have to be blurry or light sensitive for 6-24 hrs after exam.

Optovue Angiography: A first of its kind O.C.T. (Optical Coherence Tomography – a non-invasive retina imaging test). It’s an advance diagnostic tool to enhance the thoroughness of a comprehensive eye exam. It uses light waves to take cross-sectional images of the retina.  It is the technology for the future because it can enhance patient care. It can detect problems in the eye prior to any symptoms being present in the patient.

M’Eye Fit measuring device: M’Eye Fit provides precise measurements in fitting of the eye glass frames to the patient. It customizes the fit (taking into account a person’s facial structure in relation to the frames chosen: accounts for the wrap, tilt, pupillary distance) taking measurements to the tenth of a millimeter.  This truly customizes the fit so that the patient can see as sharp as they did in the exam room.

– Digital Topography Exam: Specs Appeal has the Zeiss iProfiler (German engineered) to gather information 5 times as precise and can detect irregularities on the cornea that normally would not be picked until significant changes in vision has occurred.

– Reichert VRx Digital Refraction system: Gone is the traditional phoropter with all the dials (that has virtually remained unchanged since its invention in the early 1900s).

– State-of-the-art In-house Lab: Specs Appeal can cut virtually any prescriptions even very high prescriptions and high wrap (wraparound sunglasses) in house.  Eyeglasses can be created on-site, means faster turn-around time, and since it’s in-house the company can oversee the accuracy and quality of the lenses.

– M’Eye Sign: Specs Appeal can customize your eyeglass lenses so that it has your monogram, sports team logo, name, etc. in the corner of your glasses. For those who want that little extra touch that makes their glasses unique or stand-out.

– Specs Appeal works closely with greater ATL areas top ophthalmologists and surgeons: If you have any conditions that require a major eye surgery, Specs Appeal will get you to the best care.

– Specs Appeal carries many popular brands: Specs Appeal offers Lafont (hand-crafted in Paris since 1923), ic! Berlin (made in Berlin, Germany – revolutionary completely screwless eyewear, without a solder or weld, stainless steel and extremely lightweight), Silhouette eyewear (hand-made in Austria, the original titanium, rim-free, lightweight eyewear), Randolph Engineer (the most worn by celebrities) made in the USA with lifetime warranty, along with fashion brands such as Tom Ford, Gucci, and Prada.


Meet the team

Dr. Minh Ta and Dr. Nancy Truong, a husband and wife team share a vision to provide exceptionally compassionate eye care using the latest in technology so that you can see and feel your best. They met in Optometry school in Chicago, IL in 1998 and promptly came back to Atlanta to make it their home and they have no regrets. They have 4 children, 3 boys and a girl.  When not busy with the practice, they enjoy spending time with their children, who are active in soccer and swimming.

Dr. Ta is the driving force in the technology at the office and Dr. Truong, along with their team of opticians, is responsible for the curation of the company’s fabulous eyewear collection. Together Specs Appeal provides the “whole experience” for the patient that wants it all.

Specs Appeal  believes everyone deserves to see well and have healthy eyes. Their mission is to exceed the expectations of all their patients by creating a personable environment with individualized attention. They’d love to get to know you, provide the sharpest vision you could imagine, and help you choose the perfect eyewear for your lifestyle.

Dr. Nancy Truong grew up in Canada and obtained her undergraduate degree from the prestigious Queen’s University majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology. She then attended Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago to receive her Doctor of Optometry degree in 2002.

Dr. Nancy has practiced in a variety of settings such as retail, surgical and private practice.  She completed her internships at the Veterans Affairs office in Maryland, did a pediatric Vision Therapy internship in Connecticut, and performed her Ocular disease training at a large ophthalmology practice in mid-Florida. She is a member of the Georgia Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.

Dr. Nancy sees patients of all ages, both young and old, verbal and non-verbal. She is Board Certified in Diagnostics Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Pharmaceutical agents.

She has significant experience with multifocal contact lenses fits to solve near far focusing issues. She also participates in the Infantsee program which examines babies 6-12m old, au gratis to ensure your baby’s eye development is on track. The prognosis of conditions such as lazy eye or life-threatening retinoblastoma is greatly influenced by the timing – the earlier it’s detected the better the outcome.

Dr. Minh Ta has lived and traveled throughout the US and has made Georgia his home for the last 20 years. He received his undergraduate degree from California State University, Fullerton and received his Doctoral in Chicago at Illinois College of Optometry.

Dr. Ta treats those with complex prescriptions.  He provides customized complex contact lens fits such as scleral lenses for high prescriptions, high astigmatism or corneal disease.  He has helped restore vision to patients throughout Atlanta to regain maximal sight.

Dr. Ta works hard to stay at the cutting-edge of the latest advances in eye health. He regularly attends continuing education seminars and is board-certified in Diagnostics Pharmaceutical agents and Therapeutic Pharmaceutical agents. He is actively involved in the Georgia Optometric Association. Beyond eyes, he has a strong passion for things technology-related. He is a Tesla enthusiast and enjoys living life to the fullest.

Specs appeal is located at:


You can reach them by calling …


Or sending an email to …


To learn more, visit: Specsappealga.com

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