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DeKalb County now offering online notifications for traffic fines and court dates

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DeKalb County now offering online notifications for traffic fines and court dates

DeKalb County Georgia. Source: Google Maps.

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DeKalb County Georgia. Source: Google Maps.

DeKalb County is now offering motorists with traffic citations the ability to receive text and email notifications of fines and upcoming court dates, according to a county press release.

The system also will send notifications if a court date in the Traffic Division of DeKalb County State Court is missed and inform the motorist of an option to immediately correct their default with the court before sanctions are imposed.


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Citizens can access the new notification system here using smartphones, tablets or computers. They can also research how much they may owe in fines and costs.

“People expect more today from the courts, and our new 24/7 online ticket notification system is delivering on our promise of fair and efficient justice,” Presiding Judge Shondeana Morris said. “Now motorists can feel at ease that the court is being proactive by reminding them of details about their case, any fines and costs owed, and important due dates.”

After opting-in to the service, motorists will receive electronic messages on their case status.

“DeKalb’s judicial system is taking a big step forward by adopting this technology,” Chief Judge Wayne Purdom said. “Research shows that when courts adopt new technology like opt-in text messaging, the time for a case to be resolved drops dramatically, and customer satisfaction with the courts improves significantly. Further, this helps us have the punishment fit the actual crime, and not add to the burden because of citizen oversight or poor scheduling habits.”

With the new service, the court will be able to handle many types of high-volume infractions completely online, saving time and money for the public and the court, the release said.

Electronic notification of court dates for people arrested and released on bond in more serious misdemeanor cases is planned for later this year.

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