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Slate recounts the time that Agnes Scott’s College Bowl team beat Princeton’s

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Slate recounts the time that Agnes Scott’s College Bowl team beat Princeton’s


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Looking across the quad at Agnes Scott College. Photo by Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnes_Scott_College#mediaviewer/File:Agnes_Scott_College_-_Across_the_quad.jpg

Agnes Scott’s College Bowl team was a formidable force back in the 1960s and stunned audiences by beating Princeton’s team on national television.

Slate.com recounted the story in a recent article about the upset victory.


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According to Slate:

“On the tape, the Princeton boys come off as a caricature of what we would expect from Ivy League men. Suited up in matching black jackets, they look right out of a ‘Mad Men’ episode. They introduce themselves with breezy self-assurance, with names like Jim, Steve, and Frank. They ooze self-confidence.

“Their opponents? Four young ladies from a women’s college in Decatur, Georgia, wearing brightly colored dresses and nervous smiles. The students from Agnes Scott have spent months preparing for their debut on ‘College Bowl,’ telecast live from Radio City Music Hall on NBC.”

Princeton’s team didn’t take their opponents seriously. While Agnes Scott studied and practiced in-game scenarios, Princeton students prepared by drinking beer and answering potential questions at a professor’s house, Slate reported. Princeton’s team didn’t know anything about Agnes Scott.

But they would soon learn. For more details about how the game unfolded, click here.

Here’s video of the match, which occurred in 1966.

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