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Atlanta Police investigating alleged East Lake burglary caused by a ‘Free Yard Sale’ Facebook post

Crime and public safety Kirkwood and East Lake Metro ATL

Atlanta Police investigating alleged East Lake burglary caused by a ‘Free Yard Sale’ Facebook post


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An Atlanta Police vehicle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

This story has been updated.

Laura King said she posted about a “free yard sale” notice on Facebook because she was in the process of moving out of her East Lake home.

The free yard sale was advertised for last Wednesday, inside the home. But she alleges that a group of men and women with a more generous interpretation of the “free yard sale” ad visited the home on Saturday, Oct. 20, to take numerous items from the home.

The landlords, “lost thousands of dollars of brand-new appliances, including a brand-new stove, dishwasher …. they even took the washer and dryer,” King said.

The people who showed up to the home allegedly took “a lost loved ones ashes, family heirlooms and thousands of dollars in electronics and clothing,” King said.

In a Facebook post that was being widely shared on social media, King posted photos of the suspects captured by the home security camera. Decaturish is not publishing the photos because the individuals in the photos have not been charged with crimes.

King said one of the women read King’s Facebook post out loud before entering the home. The woman left and came back with help and a pickup truck.

She said they got in by breaking in through the back door.

“They stayed in the house for over three hours,” King said. “They smoked cigarettes. They brought beer. They ate our (way expired) food out of the fridge.”

The report provided by the Atlanta Police Department says, “Ms. King does have a door bell surveillance system that shows two white females driving a red car come up to the home and ring the doorbell at 3:22 p.m. on 10/20/2018 as well as a red truck with two white males that pull up after. Ms. King … stated that the back door handle had been screwed off and that’s how the suspect’s entered the home.”

King said they also disconnected the WiFi to take the routers from the home.

King said she was able to locate the suspects but says police so far have declined to obtain warrants for their arrest.

“The cops at Zone 6 said they’re not going to go to the judge to get a warrant issued,” she said. “They think my post was too vague and they could’ve misread it.”

A spokesperson for APD said the case is still open.

“We are still investigating this incident and searching for the parties involved,” the spokesperson said. “There are no updates to provide at this time.”

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