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Decatur City Commission awards construction contract, sets budget for speed tables

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Decatur City Commission awards construction contract, sets budget for speed tables

Decatur City Hall.

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Decatur City Hall.

This week the Decatur City Commission awarded a $337,000 construction contract and set a budget to install speed tables on residential streets.

The City Commission held its regular meeting on Oct. 1.

During that meeting, commissioners unanimously awarded a $337,000 to Everlast Construction of Alpharetta.

The company is tasked with the following projects:

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– Reconstruction of five arbors at Scott, McKoy and Oakhurst parks

– New storage buildings at McKoy and Ebster Parks

– Building a shower room at Decatur City Hall

– Interior finish, storage shelving and landscape improvement in the shop building at the Leveritt Public Works Facility.

Commissioners also set a project budget of $93,500 to install speed tables in residential streets.

The streets are:

– Brower Street

– Garden Lane

– Garland Avenue

– McClean Street

– Willow Lane

“Each of the proposed streets have requested traffic calming either by means of a formal petition or by multiple resident requests,” a memo from Assistant City Manager David Junger says. “With the exception of McClean Street, each of the streets meet the traffic calming threshold for physical devices. The traffic calming threshold is met when local, residential streets exhibit 85th percentile speeds greater than or equal to 5 mph over the posted speed and/or when local, residential streets exhibit volumes greater than or equal to 1,000 vehicles per day. Given the neighborhood context of Brower Street, Garland Avenue and McClean Street, McClean Street was added to the list of proposed streets to keep driver behavior and expectations uniform among the neighborhood and to reduce Garland Avenue spillover traffic.”

All of the items on the Oct. 1 agenda were approved. To see the full agenda click here.

Editor’s note: Due to a combination of being busy with breaking news and notification mishaps (my meeting notification went to my spam inbox), I did not publish advance notice for Monday’s meeting. I apologize for this oversight and have set up additional notifications to ensure this does not happen again. 

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