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Our Way Cafe in Avondale closing after more than 30 years in business

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Our Way Cafe in Avondale closing after more than 30 years in business

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Our Way Cafe, a local meat-and-three restaurant that has operated in the Decatur and Avondale Estates area for more than 30 years, is closing its doors.

Owner Eva-Marie Roswall told Decaturish that she is retiring and that the restaurant space is up for lease and the kitchen equipment is for sale. The restaurant is currently located at 2831 E. College Ave, but previously operated at the corner of South Candler Street and East College Avenue and it got its start at the Avondale Towne Cinema.

Roswall said the space on East College is a great spot, especially with all the nearby condominium and apartment construction underway.

“It’s a great place for the restaurant,” she said. “There’s so much parking and it’s free.”

A sign on the door said the restaurant will be open on Thursday, Oct. 25, so customers can say their goodbyes.

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Roswall said loyal customers showed up in force on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

“I thank the community,” she said. “Today they were amazing and I was only open for two hours today.”

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